Hvernig á að endurheimta eydd gögn úr innra minni Android

Hvernig á að endurheimta eydd gögn úr innra minni Android

“I’ve got a new Samsung Galaxy S20 recently. I love it so much because its camera is VERY GOOD. And you can take as much as high pixel photos as you want. But it’s unlucky that one time my friend spoiled milk to my phone without intention. What’s worse, I hadn’t backup all my data on my PC. It’s a disaster for me. Not only because my phone was broken but also my photos were all gone! It contains lots of important contacts as well as my precious memories. What am I supposed to do?”

People who face this kind of stuff may get confused or upset about what they should do next. If so, you will look for some help. This program, this software is specially designed to solve your problem.  Android Data Recovery can restore your data from Android internal memory.

Android Gögn Bati, a professional program, is designed for Android users who lost information and files from Android internal memory. It can retrieve photos, edits, call history, SMS, calendar, notes, address book, and more. More and more Android users are satisfied with Android Data Recovery because it only takes you a moment to regain your lost data. Fast, Simple, Safe!

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How can I Recover Deleted Data from Android Internal Memory

Step 1: Install and run Android Data Recovery

Launch Android Data Recovery and select the “Android Gögn Bati” option, then connect your android phone to the computer via USB cable.

Android Gögn Bati

Step 2: Connect your phone with computer via USB

Take S4 as an example. Connect Samsung Galaxy S4 with your computer via USB. The program will detect S4 automatically. After a few seconds, it will show various Android versions for you to pick your phone type. If you can’t see an interface like that (picture below), restart again.

1) Fyrir Android 2.3 eða fyrr: Farðu í „Stillingar“ < Smelltu á „Forrit“ < Smelltu á „Þróun“ < Athugaðu „USB kembiforrit“
2) Fyrir Android 3.0 4.1 til: Farðu í "Stillingar" < Smelltu á "Valkostir þróunaraðila" < Athugaðu "USB kembiforrit"
3) Fyrir Android 4.2 eða nýrri: Go to “Settings” < Click “About Phone” < Tap “Build number” for several times until you get a note “You are under developer mode” < turn back to “Settings” < Click “Developer options” < Check “USB debugging”

tengja android við tölvu

Ábending: Remember that never take any action after you lost your data, especially not to import new information to it. Otherwise, it will bring serious consequences that your files will be lost permanently.

Step 3: Choose the files to scan

After the former two steps have been prepared, your phone is settled down. When you see the following interface, you need to choose which files you want to scan and recover. You can choose the data you like or just simply check “velja allt“, smelltu svo á “Næstu”. Well, before you begin, check your phone battery is more than 20% charged.

Veldu skrána sem þú vilt endurheimta frá Android

Then you need to select one of the modes, “Leitaðu að eytt skrám"Eða"Leitaðu að öllum skrám".

Step 4: Allow Superuser Request and start to scan your Android phone

Then your phone also gets a sign in a small request window that asks if it accepts or not. Touch “Leyfa” so that program can scan your phone as soon as possible.

Step 5: Preview and retrieve Data from Android Memory

Here is the last step. After scanning your phone, you can preview all your deleted data in the window. Contacts, galleries, messages, and more files will be shown on your left column. Open those files and find which one you desire to restore. Check the icons and start to batna neðst hægra megin í glugganum.

endurheimta skrár frá Android

That’s it! Simple, right? All your lost data are retrieved after using Android Gögn Bati. Also, you may meet such a situation so you’d better make a backup frequently. Download it and you won’t be disappointed!

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Hvernig á að endurheimta eydd gögn úr innra minni Android
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