Hvernig á að draga út Hangouts hljóðskilaboð frá Android á tölvu

Hvernig á að draga út Hangouts hljóðskilaboð frá Android á tölvu

Due to some wrong operations and you couldn’t find some important Hangouts messages or photos on your Android, is there any way to recover them back? Or you want to extract Hangouts Audio Messages from Android to a computer, how to finish this work? In this tutorial, you will learn an easy yet effective solution to recover deleted Hangouts messages/chat history or extract them from the Android device.

Android Gögn Bati is a professional phone data recovery tool for you to recover deleted text messages as well as audio messages on your Android phones. Moreover, the program supports to recover photos, videos, contacts, call logs, text messages, etc. from various brands of Android phones, including Samsung, HTC, LG, Huawei, Oneplus, Xiaomi, Google, and so on. You can choose the data which you want to get back. Before performing the recovery, you are able to preview them and select the data to extract them to your computer.

Click on the icon below to download the free trial version of Android Data Recovery software on a computer. Then check the detailed steps as follows.

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Steps to Extract Hangouts Audio Messages from Android

Step 1. Connect the Device to PC and Enable USB Debugging

Using a USB cable to connect the Android device to the computer after you launch the Android data recovery program, then switch to “Android Data Recovery” mode, the program will identify your Android phone immediately. If you did not open USB debugging before, the software will prompt you to enable it, follow the instruction.

  • Fyrir Android 2.3 eða eldri: Sláðu inn „Stillingar“ < Smelltu á „Forrit“ < Smelltu á „Þróun“ < Athugaðu „USB kembiforrit“
  • Fyrir Android 3.0 til 4.1: Sláðu inn „Stillingar“ < Smelltu á „Valkostir þróunaraðila“ < Athugaðu „USB kembiforrit“
  • Fyrir Android 4.2 eða nýrri: Sláðu inn „Stillingar“ < Smelltu á „Um síma“ < Pikkaðu á „Smíði númer“ nokkrum sinnum þar til þú færð athugasemd „Þú ert í þróunarham“ < Til baka í „Stillingar“ < Smelltu á „Valkostir þróunaraðila“ < Athugaðu „USB kembiforrit“

Android Gögn Bati

Step 2. Choose Data Type to Extract

In the new interface, you can see various types of data for your smartphone like photos, videos, audio, text messages, contacts, call logs, and more, here we want to extract audio messages, so we mark “Audio” and click “Next” to start the extract process.

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Step 3. Grant Permission for Software

Before the extract process, the software need to get permission for your phone, you will see the instruction on the software, click “Allow/Grant/Authorize” on your Android device when you see the pop-up to ask permission on your device.

Step 4. Extract Hangouts Audio Messages

When you have completed the previous steps, the software will start scanning your phone. After the scan, you can see all audio displayed in the scan result, you can choose the audio messages you need and click the “Recover” button to save Hangouts audio messages as .ogg formate to a computer for use.

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Hvernig á að draga út Hangouts hljóðskilaboð frá Android á tölvu
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